Not just for kids...

New Novel Takes You Inside The Venus Project
For An Adventure You'll Never Forget



For many of us who have shared Jacque Fresco's visions, the futuristic city of The Venus Project has been our candle in the dark.

We imagined a redesigned culture for a planet no longer in peril—free of poverty, greed, intellectual stagnation, and need.

Step into a Hopeful Future

With the help of Fresco’s stunning graphic designs, we experienced the ideal environment of Venus and the innovative structures he designed.

For a world in trouble, the futuristic city of The Venus Project has long felt like a hopeful sigh of relief.

Was it possible, we wondered, for a civilization to transform itself along the lines of Jacque Fresco’s visionary philosophies?

We imagined that we could live in a world perfectly balanced between total freedom, accomplishment, and the need for money.

Come on in. Experience Venus!

The Rings of Venus, the e-novel, now invites you along on an adventure with Nick, his friends and family as he discovers what Venus is all about—and unlocks the mysterious secret that threatens to shut it down.

Along the way, you will find out what living in Venus might be like, and in the end accompany Nick underground where he learns how a “city that thinks” really operates.


By Veteran Author Pat McCord

Award-winning author Pat McCord researched Venus over a period of years by visiting the site of The Venus Project in Florida where founders Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows have lived and worked for 35 years.

Venus, McCord learned, is much more than a futuristic city. It represents a new way to live in a world without the current environmental, social and economic crises.

Not Just for Kids

The Rings of Venus was written for thinkers like you—adventure-loving pre-teens, young adults and older readers who have dreamed of life in a city of the future. The book includes 12 graphics by Jacque Fresco.

Available on All eBook Readers

You can purchase The Rings of Venus by Pat McCord for Kindle, Nook, or any other eBook reader. $9.99


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