Pictures in the Dark

Cover art and book design by Marikka Tamura

“McCord has written a taut, powerful story about family dynamics. . . Though there is no pat resolution, the book has a strong message of hope, love, and forgiveness.”
---School Library Journal

“McCord’s novel celebrates the courage and resourcefulness of two teens. . . Also illuminating are the views of women’s lives in the 1950s—the expectations, routines, and dullness—at a time when the debate about working mothers was just beginning. A poignant, enlightening read.”

“The author suggests no quick fixes, yet provides characters with whom readers will sympathize.”
--Kirkus Review


A new novel by Patricia McCord

Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books

Sisters Carlie and Sarah live in a little old house in Spokane, Washington. It's the 1950s and the Nevilles seem like the perfect family--Dad runs a floor-cleaning business, and Mom takes care of the girls. But something is wrong, and no matter how careful Sarah and Carlie are, they never know what might make their mother fly into a rage. They don't know if they'll get dinner, or be able to take a bath, or talk to a new friend on the phone. And they are not sure if their hardworking dad even knows what is going on. The question is how long this can continue before someone snaps. In this carefully balanced story about a carefully unbalanced family, Patricia McCord takes us into the hearts of two strong and resourceful girls, sisters whose story will resonate with readers for a long time to come.

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